Anthology (ink)

Creation, myrmidon, life is set in fire
Weeds are the canopy in modus, of life the eternal dier

Time is infinite, and the best will live on
through and through, and without apology
I cry, when I should be laughing
And the feelings blend, as language
Between the blades of a cross
And the gravity of gods violent laughter
Mimics my attempts to hold life in piece
With Strings, sanctuaryreason
A need to believe what I cannot prove.

Tied together in one word, a dotted road
Stretches for as far as one could seem
Fighting for the sake of love, fighting to the life
Lain before us
Fighting for the right to die, having had known
How it felt to be alone on night petals
Reflecting in a tiny night sky

To tears, all is Eyes

And we were alone, sharing only the reflection of stars
For in wonder began the stories of scientific minds





And in this moment, drowning between pain and love, I could not lift a finger to stop you. From overcoming me. From losing my mind in softness and terror. I would not surrender, if surrender would dull the ache of being torn apart. I hate you, love. I will murder you a million times, breaking your trust and fucking in your blood, casting twist shadows through the fear of eternal beauty. Rejection, negative, beg for me. I will ruin everything, and when it is beautiful again we shall dance in the frost. And how I love you, through the hate, bonding together what was never truly broken. What cannot be broken. What cannot be finished. Has been forgiven.

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