It’s one thing to understand racism intellectually (aka be aware that its practice exists and notice it) and a whole other can of worms to relate to the emotional effects of living in a society that has insulted murdered and degraded you for centuries (and have not stopped). Or killed your ancestors and stolen your homeland (and have not moved). Or beaten your lovers, friends, and families to death (well that one never reverts). TLDR our history is scarred with what is essentially stupid rapacious brutality, and it’s no wonder why so many people chose to confabulate and “move on” without moving on. Then you get a society pandemicaly infested with fakes. Sociopathic hypocrites. People who would push ideas of hate to ‘gain’ control over the world, and people who would dumbly follow hateful leaders. Why does that sound familiar?

Anyway. Art is more than just a medium for social dogma, more than just a tool for psychopaths to manufacture consent. That’s just one of many ways communication can be used; our story and the way we tell it is changing exponentially. For practically the first time in history we can use art as a reflection of the way we feel about ourselves and each other without being shut down or censored by authority (cough cough mass religion), either directly or though inherited behavioral heuristics. For the first time in history we could come together as a global culture and progress as a planet, not as nations with myopic and often self defeating agendas. We can represent and explore our truths in ways and on scales never before possible. And that’s pretty damn dope.

The fight for social equality is not over, but I guess that doesn’t matter when you have a community you’re actively proud of. They can’t play the shame game with you anymore, they can’t fuck with your head and weaken your ability to process the world. Your system becomes robust and sustainable, complex and healthy. And the rest is still unwritten.

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