abOUT MEgo

Blent Sullivan. Professor minLewis. A mess of pennames for someone who’s probably just a penperson for someone else’s name. Identity is pathological, as far as language is concerned, and it fucks with me more than any lover could should or would. That said, there ARE some consistencies which could be used to keep track of who I am.

A loveless whore for some definitions and crisp, talkative edges. Gemini/scorpio mutt. Genius of character. Arrogant fool. One written, two read. Cross-disciplinary. Dreamer. Universal enthusiast. Singer/composer. Hardcore slacker, brilliantly strong when work consumes me. Total junky for self defeat. Sometimes the self defeated is the self which defeats. What difference does it make, odd or even? Juggler of poetry and math. Old millennial. Amateur programmer. None of these things, and everything I didn’t say. Scientist. Rapper. Puppet. Diplomat. Truck. Butterfly. Fragment. Fear. Where do you want me to stop?